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Windows 7 Launched Today!

Earlier on today, Microsoft released Windows 7 into general availability*.

I was at the Windows 7 Launch Party in New York City**, and it was a departure from the past Windows launch because of the palpable confidence of Microserfs.

Led by the always effusive Steve Ballmer, Microsoft wowed the crowd.

Leading off with (the I’m a PC 4-yr old) Kylie introducing Ballmer, to Brad Brooks’ 7 Best Things About Windows 7 demo, to a showcase of new hardware – where the Dell Adamo really got the attendees going, the entire event was uncharacteristically – for Microsoft – consumer-focused!

This new consumer focus showed solutions, not specifications, as what Windows 7 would bring to users.

Ladies and gentlemen, Microsoft was being….ASPIRATIONAL!!!

I was stunned! I still am.

While anomalous for staid old Microsoft, this consumer focus will definitely serve them well.

I will be bringing you much more on this event.

By the way, this turned out to be a nice reunion of some members of the Microsoft Windows Featured Communities, with Hans Wind coming all the way from The Netherlands.

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*In Microspeak, General Availability or GA, is the time point whereby a Microsoft product is on the shelves, and the public can buy it freely.

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