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Joe Davidson Designs makes me look good

Joe Davidson Designs, of Ontario, Canada, is the designer of all logos, artwork, and other graphics used by Logikworx, and all associated and affiliated companies.

Joe is very good at what he does, and goes beyond the task by constantly refining the designs, sometimes for weeks after the ‘final’ product was delivered. (I know, that part costs money, re-doing the documents.)

A few friends had asked about the new AbsolutelyWindows, SmallBizWindows, and Logikworx logos, so I asked the normally shy Joe to provide a bio.

"I first started doing graphic design as a hobby making visual styles for Windows XP upon it's release, and quickly realized I had a passion for design and working with Photoshop.  After gaining notoriety from creating visual styles, I moved to designing websites and soon became enveloped in all sorts of graphic designs.  I'm a self taught designer who graduated with an IT degree, and quickly realized that design was my passion.  Since I started doing this over 5 years ago I've designed Business logo's, advertisements, banners, brochures and business cards just to name a few things and continue to grow as an artist with each project I take on.  My goal in working with clients is to provide great service and fast service. For inquiries please contact me at"

A soon-to-be-updated Flickr portfolio of some of his designs can be found here.

His latest designs for us are below. You can see the family resemblance in the logos.

aw - nv250px

sbw - nv250 px

lw - nv250 px

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