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Xerox innovates with printed circuits

xlogoXerox is one of those companies that continually confounds me.

They are very innovative and creative, yet as a company, they take falling asleep at the wheel to be some sort of sacred mantra when it comes to corporate strategy*.

The list of innovations given to the world by Xerox, and it’s research arm, PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) are to numerous to mention. Just as unmentionable is the fact that they didn’t monetize those innovations!Xerox Silver Ink

Now though, they have delivered another gem: silver ink which allows for printed electronic circuitry.

Folks, this is huge! On par with the discovery of silicon doping with gallium arsenide and such, I think.

The pressing question now, is whether Xerox would pull another bonehead trick, and squander this innovation.

I hope, and pray not.

More information can be found here

* (I will not belabor that point by pointing out their Sergeant Schultzian missteps. Just too easy, and, for me, infra dig.)

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