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MySQL founder’s seller’s remorse

What is it with these smart people selling out for a lot of moola, pulling the ripcord and ejecting when the new owners of their respective ‘babies’ start ignoring them, then whining about how they would like to buy their ‘baby’ back? The Skype babies come to mind….

Also check out MySQL.

The founder sold their supposedly free database company to Sun for $1 billion USD or thereabouts, and pocking the dosh.

Now, “Monty”,a founder of the company wants Oracle to sell the company in order to be in compliance with the EU.

Nowhere in his statement did I read that he wanted to give the $1 billion (plus interest) back to holders of JAVA.

Heck, Sun shareholder would be glad to sell you MySQL back!

Seller’s remorse, my posterior!!!

According to the late Sam Kinison: “The cash or the cure”.

Gimmie (or give) the cash back!

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