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The SmallBizWindows Laptop Of The Year 2014: Microsoft Surface Pro 2

LAPTOPHearing people pan the Microsoft Surface Pro at launch due to its supposed rivalry with iPad, it was quite obvious that they were uninformed.

For without a doubt, they were missing the importance of Surface Pro, both as a standalone product, and in the laptop category.

One thing the original Surface Pro was, and Surface Pro 2 improved on, was in the suitability of the device to be used as a laptop replacement.

Even after Microsoft’s Panos Panay took the time to elucidate them, the yum-yums still didn’t get it!en-INTL_L_Surface_Pro_2_128GB_6CX-00001_mnco

A faster CPU coupled with greater, about doubled battery life has made it the perfect Windows laptop, leapfrogging Surface Pro 2 logarithmically over the closest device, the Apple MacBook Air.

You can’t beat the value.

Resultantly, the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is the SmallBizWindows Laptop of the Year 2014.<

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