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Logitech LifeSize: A talk with Rafi Anuar

Last month, I talked about LifeSize and how we were looking at it as a video conferencing solution.

I had the opportunity to talk with Rafi Anuar, Director of Product Management for Logitech LifeSize.

What I wanted to find out was more information about the company, their products, and their target market.

Based on that conversation which, like the several other conversations I have had with and about LifeSize, took place over a LifeSize video conference, I learned a bit.

Started in 2005 with an eye on high-definition video conferencing, LifeSize is based in Austin, Texas.

As I understand it, LifeSize was architected for simplicity, and also for interoperability with existing computing platforms.

Active Directory Compatibility

It adheres to LDAP, and fully integrates with Microsoft Active Directory, including contacts.

To me, being able to integrate with AD is huge, as it increases immediate usefulness, since [LifeSize] users do not have to recreate contacts in the app.

According to Rafi, one of the goals LifeSize set out to do with their products, is deliver an uncommon ease of use to users.

He feels that coupled with auto provisioning, LifeSize has delivered on that goal as it tried to stay within user’s natural workflows, this based upon feedback from their users.

WebRTC Client

Another intriguing feature of LifeSize is the WebRTC client.

For users who do not have an opportunity to download the desktop client, LifeSize has developed a browser-based video-conferencing client that utilizes the nascent WebRTC standard. This allows users of most modern browsers – Microsoft’s Internet Explorer being the exception – to use LifeSize. That is quite cool.

LifeSize Hardware

In addition to the LifeSize software and hosted service, the company produces dedicated hardware.

From a line of nice touchscreen phone systems to their minimalist Apple-esqe remote controls, Logitech LifeSize hardware is, in my opinion, well thought out.

Getting LifeSize

Logitech LifeSize is a 100% partner-driven line.

As part of Logitech, LifeSize is banking on the global reach of their parent company to help them deliver to partners around the world.

LifeSize has different licensing schemes, each coming with software upgradeability, with packages designed to help users tailor it to their business needs.

A LifeSize survey and a potential reward
Logitech LifeSize is looking to delve more into the minds of potential partners and users as regards audio and video conferencing, and learn more about user experiences and usage patterns.

To accomplish this, LifeSize is holding a survey which asks questions pertinent to them.

Participants will be entered into a drawing, and 5 lucky yobs will be gifted a $200 Amazon gift card each.

Well, that’s not bad.

However, I would like to add something to that: anyone who sends an email to and then completes the survey, will be entered into a drawing to win one of the following:

    • 1TB Seagate MyBook Pro External Hard Drive
    • 500GB Portable Hard Drive
    • Xbox One Titanfall Controller.

If you send an email to , and win any of the Amazon Gift Cards, you will automatically be eligible to select one of the prizes above as well in addition to the three winners.

The survey is here, and our entrant’s email addresses would be randomized, and winners chosen. One prize per winner only.

LifeSize Survey:

NOTE: These prizes given by AbsolutelyWindows. Open to US residents only.

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