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The HPE Proliant ML10 Review: Part 1

The HPE Proliant ML10 is the entry-level* tower server in HPE’s tower server inventory.

As part of the review series announced here, I received the latest HPE Proliant ML10 designated to an AbsolutelyWindows RealWorld Review

The AbsolutelyWindows RealWorld Review
Here at AbsolutelyWindows, we always perform real world SMB tests as part of our reviews.
Products sent in for review are placed with an appropriate business, and used there in their daily workflow in order to determine the suitability to task of the product(s).
For the Proliant ML10 review, we selected a company which has never used a server before.

The HPE Proliant ML10 Review Company
Since the ML10 is intrinsically a first server, in addition to being the entry-level tower server for HPE, we decided to place it at a fitting business for it: a purveyor of pre-owned transportation conveyances.

Okay, OK! The review company is a used car lot!

Why this company?
The firm belongs to the acquaintance of a client, and fits for the following reasons:

  1. It currently doesn’t have and they have never used a server,
  2. They would like client-server computing
  3. They have over 14 total client devices
  4. Security is now a must
  5. Privacy is necessary.

For the purposes of this review, we will refer to this firm as ML10ReviewCo.

Current ML10ReviewCo Computing Environment
In addition to the aforementioned lack of controls, and never having had a server, ML10ReviewCo has a dismal collection of PCs, mainly white boxes slapped together by their ‘computer guy’ local vendor, and from z-tier PC OEMs. A series of Android-powered tablets from hodgepodge of unknown-to-me manufacturers complete the picture.

  • 8 PCs
  • 3 Acer laptops, running Windows 8
  • 1 Asus Chromebook
  • 5 Android tablets
  • 1 leased MFC printer, and several deskside printers from a myriad number of vendors.


Company Goals
What ML10ReviewCo wants are four simple goals:

  1. Create a secure computing environment.
  2. Capture and secure customer data
  3. Provide audit trails for each salesdroid.
  4. Deliver rudimentary CRM data for analysis.

Fairly easy to accomplish.

We selected the following:

  • a) HPE Proliant ML10
  • b) HPE RDX for local backups
  • c) HP Desktops and monitors
  • d) HP tablets
  • e) HP deskside printers
  • f) Microsoft OneDrive for Business
  • g) Microsoft Intune/AD
  • h) Windows Server 2016 Essentials
  • i) Microsoft Office 365
  • j) Microsoft Licensing

We will obsolete all the current computing devices at ML10ReviewCo. Especially the Chromebook and the Android tablets!

Later on once the ROI on this investment is evident, we plan on introducing HPE Aruba Networks gear to the business in place of their current consumer-grade network.

Let’s do this!

The HPE Proliant ML10 Review Series

*The Proliant ML10 should not be confused with the Proliant Microserver, which, while a Proliant, and entry-level, isn’t considered a tower server.

© 2002 – 2016, John Obeto for Blackground Media Unlimited

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