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The HPE Proliant Entry-Level Server Review Series

Focus, and sometimes, unrelenting focus, is a requirement for success for small businesses.

Small business owners have that focus, and more.

However, sometimes, a singular focus on what you do best blinds one to the ancillary components of that success, and has them subconsciously spending valuable time on the adjuncts to their businesses that help with their success.

Case in point is computing.

Over the course of my journeys into the World of the SMB Owner, I have chanced upon several owners who, by either neglecting the capital expenditures (capex), operating expenditures (opex), or the ungodly combination of both, for their computing infrastructure, either hinder the growth of their firms, or unknowingly end up spending more money on either personnel, or external services or technicians.

Thankfully, there is help.

Server-based computing alleviates the issues SMBs have with the above, and also the very real issues of data and intellectual property theft, user identification and authentication, [company] network access and control, device vetting, and more.

HPE Proliants to the rescue
HPE has the Proliant line of servers, spanning from towers to rackmounts, all the way to blades, including SuperDome X!

The entry-level tower servers will be the focus of this blog series.

The specific entry level servers will be the HPE Proliant ML10, the Proliant ML30, and the Proliant ML150.

Over the next several months, I will bring you a series of articles of the use of these servers in real world situation where the use of the specific server model in use in that scenario hopefully positively impacts the firm.

We are also engaging with the fine folks running the HPE Flex Solutions team, explained here, to being you their takes on best-of-breed solutions for the chosen scenarios.

HPE Flex Solutions
As you know, Flex Solutions were derived by HPE to speed up go-go-market situations for VARs and solution providers. By using them here, we will show how those recommendations and bundles actually do so in real-world scenarios.

We are starting this series with the HPE Proliant ML10 Server.

HPE Proliant ML10 Server
The HPE Proliant ML10 server is a tower server which comes in what is now akin to what was known as the mini-ATX form factor.

It is priced for the very small of small businesses, and is expandable for that space. It has 6 internal hard drive bays, is equipped with Intel Xeon CPUs, multiple USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, and up to 8GB of RAM.

We have chosen a firm to run a capability and functionality scenario against.

Subsequent blog posts will reveal the test scenario, and more details.

HPE Proliant ML30 & Proliant ML150
Our review regimen for the afore-mentioned servers will commence once we identify, and validate firms that fit into the target space for them.

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