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Pensa, Pensa Maestro & Pensa Lab

PensaLast week, Pensa finally exited their quasi stealth, and became very public, announcing several things.

I was waiting for more information from a mini-review* of one of their products before posting. However, it looks like that will take longer than I want, so let’s go for now.

Ahead of the announcement, I had a conversation with Tom Joyce, CEO of Pensa, on the company, their products, their prospects, and importantly, their competition in their space.

Pensa Exits Stealth

Pensa had been in a semi-stealth mode for a while, as they were already known in industry as an up-and-comer to keep our eyes on.

Exiting, they have rebranded as simply Pensa.

Initially starting out to build automation into SDN (software-defined networks) and NFV (network function virtualization), it quickly dawned on Pensa’s founders that they were in fact easily – for them – able to include all datacenter functionality in their product. So, an easy expansion of mission was performed, and voilà, Pensa was born.

Tom Joyce is Pensa CEO. Tom is a veteran executive of some of the largest tech firms, with HP, Dell, and EMC coming to mind. In snagging Tom, I believe Pensa is setting itself up for success, as his pedigree, relentless energy, and above all, access to VITOs** in a lot of firms, will ease the way for Pensa, at a minimum, to be in the picture.

People, répétez après moi: relationships matter!

Pensa Maestro released, and available for all

Pensa’s flagship product, Pensa Maestro is now available to the public.

Developed under the codename “Sleeper Shark”**, Pensa Maestro is a SaaS product that allows for intelligent design, build, validation, and deployment of DevOps modules.

Pensa Maestro gives a dev team the ability to create solution in a test lab that can be ready in minutes. Using sophisticated

Pensa closes Series A round

This is good, and money is always good.

However, they did not release actual figures.

So, what is Pensa Maestro?

Pensa Maestro is a cloud-based platform that compresses the amount of time dev teams need to design, build, validate, and deploy software-defined datacenters.

The initial product from Pensa Maestro, dubbed Pensa Lab, is a SaaS offering that gives Pensa clients the ability to create secure virtual test labs prior to deploying apps, delivering financial and resource savings across the board.

According to Pensa, the use of Pensa Lab allows developers to achieve up to 3X faster design speeds, deliver applications up to 2X faster, and bask in lab utilization and cost savings of up to 55%!

Which certainly got my attention. As I am sure it will, if as predicted, it delivers on those kinds of savings.

Pensa Labs’ intelligent automation enables the creation of virtual preproduction environments in seconds, and for the deployment of said labs within minutes to validation, with eventual migration to production.

The secret sauce in doing this, I am told, is Pensa’s forte.

Pensa Maestro and Pensa Lab are available for OpenStack today, and run seamlessly on VMware, and AWS. Pricing is based on requirement, with the most expensive tier priced at around $1,500 per month.

Pensa is here.

** VITO: Very Important Top Officer. Usually of a corporation

I have commissioned one of our outside contractors with the task of using Pensa Lab for a month with a view to posting a review of the product. That process hasn’t yet concluded. It actually hasn’t even commenced as the contractor is in the process of ending his current project. Once this commission is done, I shall deliver a review. – John Obeto II

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Thanks for sharing information about Pensa Maestro. Never knew about it.
October 24, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterFYP

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