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Microsoft Pix grows up

…and becomes a worthy productivity application.

I tend to try most Microsoft apps. Especially those from the Microsoft Garage incubator.

Those kids always come up with nifty ideas that even while may not be able to survive as standalone apps, are innovative enough to be parts of larger apps or suites going forward.

I liked Pix right away.

The premise was that the AI would help smooth out photos that n00bs like me shoot, a potential boon to my photo inventory.

Despite a lack of functions comparable to the default iPhone camera app, I have used it instead since.

When it came out with photo-into-art morphing capabilities not too long ago, I had higher hope for it. However, that stalled, with just a handful of art styles compared to the market leader, Prisma.

Today, Microsoft announced [version 2.0?] a largish functionality upgrade to Pix.

According to Microsoft, this update “automatically detects whiteboards, documents and business cards in real time and intelligently adjusts camera settings for these types of photos. Once the shutter clicks, the app uses AI to improve the image, such as cropping edges, boosting color and tone, sharpening focus and tweaking the angle to render the image in a straight-on perspective.”

Since, to hear Microsoft put it, “Microsoft Pix is out front pushing the boundaries of using AI to take better pictures of everything from a snapshot of your kid in new sneakers to the whiteboard in your morning meeting. The research thrust behind Microsoft Pix informs innovation across apps, including Office Lens.”

This new capabilities make Pix a definite keeper.

I have installed the update, and taken some initial photos with my old iPhone 6+, and with Wifey’s iPhone 7.

I shall play with it further in the coming days.

This Pix product feature page actually helped me understand this product better, and gave me some new usage ideas.

The only hurtful downside to this device is that it isn’t available for Windows tablets, or the Windows desktop. I could really use it to perform post-editing on some truly pathetic photos I have taken in the past.

Oh yes: I also would like to be able to create animated .GIFs from my movies or from new shots.

That would make Pix not just a must-have, but an indispensable tool we’d recommend to everyone.

Still, I like, and recommend it.

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